Healthcare quality services from Acumentra Health

Acumentra Health serves the quality assurance and improvement needs of a wide array of clients, providing solutions specifically designed for individual healthcare settings and concerns. The following services can be combined to create customized integrated solutions. Please contact us to learn how we can meet your specific needs.
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Utilization management and quality review

Acumentra Health evaluates the appropriateness of medical services that a person will receive, has received, or is currently receiving, based on established guidelines to improve the quality and efficiency of care.
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Quality and process improvement

Teams of experts from Acumentra Health consult and provide technical assistance on projects designed to improve healthcare quality and cost effectiveness.
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External quality review

Acumentra Health has provided independent external quality review (EQR) and EQR-related services in Oregon and Washington since 1984—one of few External Quality Review Organizations to hold contracts in multiple states. Our experts help shape state policy for Medicaid quality improvement and have designed, developed, and implemented quality improvement programs for state Medicaid agencies, managed care organizations, and healthcare systems and providers.
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Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs)

A performance improvement project (PIP), required of health plans providing services under Medicaid, is a systematic process for assessing and improving the quality and outcome of care using measureable tools. PIPs require the plan to identify a specific issue or problem and monitor the improvement by gathering information about organizational processes, provider practices, and patient outcomes. Acumentra Health implements interventions to improve access, timeliness, or quality of care.
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Data collection, analysis, and reporting

In more than two decades of conducting data-intensive research, measurement, and evaluation, Acumentra Health has developed advanced research competencies. Our statisticians and analysts have both advanced academic training and practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research design.
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Transition of care

Acumentra Health reviews, assesses, and evaluates all facets of health care related to movement of patients between healthcare practitioners, providers, and settings to ensure availability and consistency of information, health records, and follow-up.
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Behavioral health services evaluation

Acumentra Health provides services to assist behavioral health programs and facilities with program and administrative management, quality improvement, psychiatric facilities review, utilization review of behavioral services, pre-audit compliance review, and clinical record review.
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Chronic care and the Care Model

Acumentra Health has extensive experience and expertise in implementing the Care Model (previously called the Chronic Care Model) for chronic illness management and population-based care. Our improvement collaboratives and other initiatives have provided training, practice coaching, and hands-on technical assistance to hundreds of clinical office practices. Oversight and review assistance includes program setup, monitoring, and consultation on quality-of-care issues.
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EHR adoption, implementation, and optimization

Acumentra Health assists medical practices and other organizations in adopting, implementing, and optimizing electronic health record (EHR) systems. Services include preparation for successful adoption and implementation, with focus on the impact to the organization and staff. Consulting is offered on care management and on data collection for internal and external uses (such as pay-for-performance and reporting/transparency).
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Risk management

We help providers in different settings reduce risk through systematic evaluation and monitoring of clinical practices as well as identification and improvement of patient safety issues.
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Training, education, and technical assistance

Since 1984, Acumentra Health has provided a broad range of educational and training activities and other technical assistance to support our healthcare quality improvement and quality review contracts.
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Last updated February 26, 2010