EHR adoption, implementation, and optimization

Acumentra Health experts assist specialty practices, ambulatory care centers, and other healthcare settings in implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems and redesigning care delivery to achieve clinical quality and operational excellence.

Adoption and implementation

Acumentra Health experts can help practices

  • assess strengths, needs, and readiness for EHR adoption
  • plan the steps to minimize the impact of EHR implementation on day-to-day clinical and business functions
  • offer guidance on crucial elements of the implementation process including EHR vendor selection, contracting, and ensuring adequate IT support.
  • develop a sustained plan to evaluate and improve care delivery workflows and other processes supporting patient care

Care management

Acumentra Health helps provider staff take full advantage of EHR capabilities to improve patient centered care and increase patient, provider, and staff satisfaction.

Data reporting

Acumentra Health’s experienced team helps physician practices collect and analyze clinical practice data to facilitate care improvement, participation in pay-for-performance programs, accurate public reporting, and comparison with other practices.


In addition to on-site consultation and evaluation, Acumentra Health provides training and individualized leadership coaching via teleconferences, webinars, and on-site sessions scheduled to fit the needs of physicians and staff.

DOQ–IT and EHR Preventive Care Initiatives

Acumentra Health led the Medicare sponsored Doctor’s Office Quality–Information Technology (DOQ–IT) Initiative in Oregon, assisting more than 40 primary care practices in EHR selection and implementation between 2005 and 2008. In August 2008, Acumentra Health launched the Medicare sponsored EHR Preventive Care Initiative, which aims to increase the delivery of evidence-based preventive services and help primary care practices begin clinical data reporting.

Last updated October 1, 2008