Nursing home safety and quality initiatives

Medicare projects

As Oregon's Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), Acumentra Health provides assistance to Oregon nursing homes and professional associations through initiatives to improve clinical care and promote person-centered care. We are currently partnering with nursing homes on two focused projects to improve resident safety:

In addition, we are providing root cause analysis training and related assistance to a small number of nursing homes selected by Medicare.

Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes

Following its success in the first two years, the Advancing Excellence campaign launched Phase 2 in October 2009, with enrollment available now. The campaign aims at accelerated improvement in 8 areas, including improved staff retention and consistent assignment as well as key clinical topics (pressure ulcers, restraints, and pain).

Nationally, 2,400 facilities have reenrolled for Phase 2; in Oregon, 33 (24%) nursing homes have reenrolled to date.

Visit the campaign website to register or reenroll:

Pain management resources

Acumentra Health produced these materials during a previous Medicare-funded project.

Pain screening and assessment form
Instructions for pain screening and assessment form

MedQIC materials

MedQIC nursing home topics

Last updated January 25, 2010