Preventive care quality initiatives

Improve Health for Populations and Communities

From August 2011 through July 2014, Acumentra Health, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Oregon, will bring together medical practices, patients, and community stakeholders, to participate in the Oregon Preventive Care & HIT Network. Inspired by the CMS three-part aim—better health, better care, lower cost—the Network incorporates a group of initiatives aimed at using technology to help overcome barriers to providing quality preventive care. The Network will serve as an educational forum where “everyone teaches, everyone learns, ” guided by an advisory council and coordinated by Acumentra Health.

From August 2011 through July 2014, Acumentra Health, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Oregon, will bring together medical practices, patients, and community stakeholders in initiatives targeting the QIO Program’s Strategic Aim to improve health for populations and communities. Inspired by the CMS Three-Part Aim—better health, better care, lower cost—initiatives to reach this Strategic Aim focus on using technology to help reduce barriers to effective delivery of quality preventive care. Acumentra Health will lead specific projects (described below) and provide an educational forum where “everyone teaches, everyone learns,” guided by an advisory council.

Networks and activities

Acumentra Health will work with physician offices to improve preventive care delivery in three areas:

On a statewide level, Acumentra Health will promote and support activities that integrate health information technology to achieve meaningful use of EHRs and improve care coordination and preventive care delivery.

Cardiac Health Network

Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in Oregon. Through the Cardiac Health Network, Acumentra Health will partner with Oregon primary care practices, subspecialties, and local and national stakeholders to create a sustainable network aimed at improving health in populations at risk for ischemic vascular disease and other vascular diseases. The Network will convene a collaborative aimed at assisting practices in implementing evidence-based interventions to improve delivery of care to at-risk patients, with a focus on blood pressure control, lipids management, aspirin use, and smoking cessation counseling.

Through the Network, practices at all levels of performance will

  • receive training in quality improvement methods and/or EHR data reporting
  • report performance in cardiac performance measures
  • engage patients and families to improve patient health and self-management

Preventive Care & HIT Network

In the movement to improve health care for Americans, prevention of illness has become a national priority. Community involvement, expanded availability of preventive care services, and use of health information technology and quality data reporting are critical pieces of improving preventive care to achieve a healthier nation. Acumentra Health will help Oregon build a sustainable preventive care network that gives communities an opportunity to provide effective care that keeps their citizens healthier.

The Preventive Care & HIT Network will strive to

  • connect providers with their communities for better health outcomes
  • improve preventive care delivery for targeted populations and communities
  • encourage participation in quality reporting initiatives
  • promote the use of HIT for care management

PQRS EHR Reporting

Acumentra Health will help eligible medical professionals improve the delivery of preventive care services through participation in the CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and in Network activities. Participating providers will receive assistance to

  • achieve benchmark performance
  • efficiently use EHR functions for care management
  • improve the patient care experience and health outcomes
  • successfully report PQRS data via the EHR to receive the maximum incentive bonus
  • connect with the community to address barriers to delivering the best preventive care

Previous EHR initiatives

From 2008 through 2011, Acumentra Health assisted 26 Oregon primary care practices in using their electronic health record (EHR) systems for improving preventive care services and reporting clinical data. The EHR Preventive Care Initiative expanded a previous 3-year project that helped more than 40 practices select and implement EHRs under the Doctor's Office Quality–Information Technology (DOQ–IT) initiative.

Impact statement on the EHR Preventive Care Initiative

Preventive care resources for medical practices

Last updated September 12, 2011